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SSRS Reporting Services print parameters values in report header

Good practice for creating reports in Reporting Services is to print state of parameters used in report. In that way if you see report printed or exported into Excel you are sure what data you have in front of you.


Report header

The easiest way, is to put it into header with report name automatically created by report wizard.

  1. Right click on header and select „Create placeholder”report header create placeholder
  2. In properties click fx near „value” field.Placeholder Properties
  3. Select parameters, double click on parameter name, and it will create expression:Placeholder expression
  4. It will create placeholder in header:

    Placeholder in header

    and it will be evaluated by Reporting Services to parameter value.

Reporting services report parameters which allow multiple values?

You can allow multiple values for parameter. It is defined in parameter properties:

Report Parameter Properties

I looks like:

reporting services parameter with multiple values select

But you can’t print this parameter values in report as described above.

You need different placeholder expression:


It will be evaluated by Reporting Services as a nice list:

reporting services placeholder for multiple value parameter

Second parameter for Join function is delimeter. So you can split values by for example slash instead of coma.

Final report header with placeholders for parameters will look like:

2015-05-15 13_59_49-report header with placeholders

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