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Index network drives for search in Windows 7

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In indexing settings of Windows 7 there is no option to index network drives. It was not so easy task to dig into forum posts to find some solution. So here you have „extracted” working solution.

It is based on forum post of Scott Hipsak ->

  1. Open windows command prompt.
  2. cd D:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Libraries
  3. notepad Documents.library−ms
  4. You will something like that:
  5. You need to place text below
  6. Of course change \\Server\share\directory\ to your path to network directory. It will look like this:
  7. And that’s it. Windows will index files in this network drive. Unfortunately there can be information „not all features are available” when you open library, but it is not a big pain.

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